Julio G. Martinez-Clark
545 Margaret Ct
Orlando, FL 32801, US
Mobile: (954) 903-7210

Over 20 years of international business experience including nine years leading a medical device CRO that helps Medtech companies design and implement successful clinical trial, regulatory, and market entry/access strategies in Colombia and other countries in Latin America. Startup advisor, board member, and recognized medical device expert whose insights on the Latin American medical device industry have been featured on industry-leading publications such as Med Device Online and Clinical Leader. Creator and host of the LATAM Medtech Leaders podcast: a weekly show that interviews Medtech leaders who have succeeded in conducting first-in-human clinical trials or have commercialized their innovations in Latin America. 

Skills and Expertise
Medical device contract research organization (CRO)
Medical device development
Medical device first-in-human clinical trials
Clinical trial feasibility, start-up, and management
Clinical trial site contract management
Regulatory affairs (clinical trial EC/IRB and MoH approval, device marketing approval)
Business development, marketing, and sales
Market access strategy
Latin America expert
New startup ventures
Co-Founder, CEO, 2010 - Present

Boutique contract research organization (CRO) and consulting firm that helps developmental and commercial-stage medical device companies conduct trials, access the market and achieve long-term sales growth in Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

  • Generated and increase sales leads by 100% in two years by developing and implementing an effective B2B lead generation system combining social selling and digital marketing strategies in LinkedIn.
  • Reached 93 out of 100 points in the LinkedIn Social Selling Index scale and positioned himself with about 27,000 connections, in the top 1% of the medical device industry.
  • Built from the ground up and with very little resources the company's clinical, operational and administrative team. 
  • Selected, hired, trained and mentored the company's team of 12 employees.
  • Licensed the Republic of Colombia's official "CO" country brand in order to design and implement a marketing campaign to promote the country's clinical research capabilities.
  • Lobbied the highest ranks of the Colombian government to improve national regulations to make the country more attractive to foreign Medtech companies looking for a destination for their first-in-human clinical trials. 
  • Aided Mitralign, Mitraspan, Avinger, Kona Medical, Keraderm, Libella Gene Therapy, Hancock Jaffe Laboratories, and ReGelTec obtain IRB and MoH approval in Colombia for their medical device first-in-human clinical trials. 
  • Aided Volcano, Abiomed, CeloNova, ClarVista, Medimaps, LumiThera, and Biomerica obtain marketing approval in Colombia. 
  • Aided Omron Healthcare with market research and the creation of a market access plan for Colombia.
  • Aided WEP Clinical and IDx expand its footprint in Latin America. 
  • Established a strategic alliance with Mandala International to expand bioaccess.' service capabilities to Brazil and Mexico. 
  • Established a strategic alliance with GlobalCare Clinical Trials to expand the company's clinical trial ambulatory services to Colombia. 
  • Launched and hosts the LATAM Medtech Leaders podcast; a show that interviews Medtech leaders with meaningful experience conducting first-in-human research or with the commercialization of their innovations in Latin America.
  • Established partnership with Med Device Online to create a new section on its website to feature the content of the LATAM Medtech Leaders podcast. 
  • Established successful content and authority marketing strategy that resulted in a three-fold increase in the number of leads for the business. 
Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Baltimore, MD
Medical Technology Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago Health Sciences Initiative, 2009 - 2010

The Trinidad and Tobago Health Sciences Initiative, which took place 2006-2014, was a collaboration between the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago’s ministries of Health and of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, and several other government ministries and local organizations aimed at improving the health care sector in the island country. Responsibility included providing strategic advice on the selection of technologies and vendor to support the information technology (IT) infrastructure of the initiative and John Hopkins Hospital's Division of Cardiology.

  • Assessed the current IT practices of Johns Hopkins Hospital's Division of Cardiology and provided recommendations for the implementation of best industry practices based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library’s (ITIL) recommendations.
  • Led the vendor selection process to implement an IT lifecycle management software solution for the Division of Cardiology. 
  • Assessed the IT needs of the Trinidad & Tobago Health Services Initiative group and recommended a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) imaging solution, and selected a vendor for different needs (image transfers, backup, computer preventive maintenance, etc.). 
  • Created and implemented a successful technological solution to preserve the educational content of the Division of Cardiology using market-leading Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite technology. 
Art Studio Entertainment Media, Miami, FL
Marketing & Sales Director, Latin America, 2008 - 2008

Art Studio Entertainment Media was a German company that developed the innovative EFI-X™ chip. The chip was the first of its kind that allowed BIOS-based computer motherboards created for the Windows operating system to run Apple Mac OS.

  • Created the market for the product in Latin America, and created and managed a distribution network in the region. 
MM Investments, LLC, Orlando, FL
Co-Founder, President, 2003 - 2007

Value-play real estate investment firm that acquired distressed real stated and improved it for a later profitable disposition.

  • Co-founded the company with credit-card loans and drove the firm to profitability in less than six months by leveraging funds from a pool of individual investors.
  • Designed and implemented the funding mechanism and the marketing & operational infrastructure to acquire real estate assets.
  • Designed and implemented an effective direct-mail based lead generation strategy.
  • Directed the acquisition, renovation, and disposition of over 60 residential properties.
  • Grew the company from zero to over $2 million in real estate assets.
Sabatical, Various Locations
Writing a book titled La Cebolla de Pandora, 2007 - 2009

Used time to recharge, develop a personal interest in writing a book in Spanish titled La Cebolla de Pandora; which explores the evolutionary changes in the human species in light of the current astronomical changes in the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy.

Alcatel-Lucent, Miami, FL
Offer Manager, 2001 - 2003

Now part of Nokia. A company with operations in more than 130 countries that focused on fixed, mobile and converged networking hardware, IP technologies, software, and services.

  • Delivered first level technical sales and business support to the company’s business partners (distributors and sales channels) and company's sales executives in Latin America.
  • Led the bundling of Nomadix and Alcatel-Lucent’s products and services to tap into the nascent multi-dwelling (i.e., hotels, apartment buildings, residential communities) broadband market by providing customers with revenue-generating telecom solutions.
  • Played a key role in the successful restructuring of the company’s Latin America Business Partner program. Provided business partners with portfolio overview presentations, business plan approvals, services capabilities assessments, and all type of activities related to signing-up new partners and maintaining a successful long-term partner-vendor relationship.
  • Co-created with the company's Worldwide Services unit, a unified and competitive service offering for the company's distributors in Latin America.
  • Played a key role in the regionalization of the company's global strategic alliances with Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Equant in Latin America. 
Alcatel-Lucent, Westford, MA
Network Systems Engineer, 2000 - 2001
  • Played key role whiled transferred to Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France to work on the design and implementation of Telefónica’s IP network in Latin America. 
  • Played a key role as Technical Leader for the deployment and installation of Telefónica’s IP network in Colombia (South America). Managed all technical aspect of the project, including supervision of installers, consultants and subcontractors, service tests, and regular reports to Telefónica and the company’s management. 
Western New England University, Springfield, MA
M.B.A., 1999

Final dissertation project was ranked as the top three in the class. 

Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, Bogota, Colombia
B.S., Electronics Engineering, 1995
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
Volunteering and Other Activities
ECO Reap SAS, Barranquilla, Colombia
Advisory Board Member, 2019 - Present

Eco Reap provides renewable energy solutions to the agricultural sector in Colombia's Caribbean coast. The company was awarded the prestigious Ecopetrol's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award in 2017 and received funding from the Colombian Government through iNNpulsa —Colombia's seed capital fund for entrepreneurship.

Med Device Online, Clinical Leader, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Contributing Writer, 2018 - Present

Med Device Online and Clinical Leader provide in-depth editorial content focused on business solutions, industry best practices, and thought leadership across a wide range of topics, including product management, R&D, regulatory, manufacturing/operations, quality, reimbursement, sourcing/supply chain, corporate management, clinical research, and many others. 

  • Share views and insights on emerging trends, challenges, technologies, and best practices about the Latin American market for clinical research and the commercialization of medical devices.
  • Achieved "Featured Editorial" status for an article. 
  • Achieved the second most read article between November 2018 and January 2019. 
  • Achieved the second most searched term on the publication's website. 
Macondo Lab (Universidad Simon Bolivar), Barranquilla, Colombia
Business Mentor, Board Member, 2017 - 2017

Macondo Lab is part of Simon Bolivar University —a leading institution in Colombia's Caribbean Region— and is the leading startup accelerator in Colombia and a top-15 accelerator in Latin America. Macondo Lab is funded by government funds, and the goal of the program is to help innovative startup companies become profitable and attract venture capital investments.

  • Mentored CEOs of three startup companies and became a temporary member of their board of directors.
  • Formulated and implemented effective strategies related to business development, lead generation, sales, digital marketing, communications, HR, and angel or venture capital investment. 
  • Brought the three startup companies to their breakeven point; thus, reaching the goal of the program.
Opinion y Salud, Barranquilla, Colombia
Contributing Writer, 2015 - 2017

Opinión y Salud is the only publication in Colombia that specializes in healthcare-related topics. Wrote a monthly column where expressed an opinion on clinical research and medical device innovations in Colombia. 

Universidad Simon Bolivar, Barranquilla, Colombia
Adjunct Professor, 2010 - 2010

Leading accredited educational institution in Colombia's Caribbean Coast. Delivered a three-day workshop on the latest practices on value creation, shared value, and social responsibility at students of the Master of Management of Socially Responsible Enterprises.

Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Greater Orlando, Orlando, FL
Member of the Executive Committee, 2004 - 2005

HBIF helps Hispanic small business owners in Florida. They specialize in bilingual business development to Hispanics. The client’s aim is to start or expand a business. Analyzed and opined on start-up and existing company business plans in need of funding and advice. 

Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE Program, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Business Mentor, 2003 - 2004

SCORE is a 501 nonprofit organization that provides free business mentoring services to prospective and established small business owners in the United States. Advised new entrepreneurs and existing business owners in their business plans and funding options.